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From restaurant worker to bus driver for Nobina

When part-time layoffs in the restaurant industry hit Lea Hinnosaar started to think about what profession would always have work to offer. A friend suggested to Lea that she should become a bus driver. 

As available work dropped through part-time layoffs during the corona period, Lea Hinnosaar asked herself which career would always provide continuity and work. A friend suggested driving. Lea found TTS Työtehoseura and Nobina RekryKoulutus on the TE Office website and through the training she got a job as a bus driver at Nobina.


On the fast track to a new career with RekryKoulutus

RekryKoulutus is a short training course that takes place before you start your actual employment. The training teaches you the skills required for the job. Lea found the RekryKoulutus run by TTS Työtehoseura and Nobina on the TE Office website and applied for the training. ” RekryKoulutus left a good impression on me. The teachers were absolutely wonderful, and we had a lot of fun,” Lea says with a smile.  

You can succeed with a positive attitude

A bus driver works in customer service. The job requires diligence, responsibility and respect for road safety, even in a sometimes hectic schedule. Lea says the job of a bus driver is easy and relaxed – a fun job where, in addition to driving skills, customer service skills are constantly being improved. A positive attitude and calm mindset are helpful. ” You can get a long way by being positive even when faced with challenges. – And cheerfulness also rubs off on the passengers.” Lea advises.

I recommend this job, not least for the pay

Lea recommends this profession to everyone. She says the work is fun and reassures us that driving is not as hard as you might think. ” The fear is bigger than the bus. I would recommend this profession to anyone – even those who are not yet sure whether it would be right for them. I wasn’t sure if this was my thing either, but yes it is”, she explains. ” We also get paid very well”, she continues happily.

There’s plenty of work in the driving profession

Lea got a good tip from her friend. There is plenty of work in the transport sector and at Nobina. More and more drivers are needed to drive members of the community around.  TTS Työtehoseura meets the challenge of driver demand by training drivers in the capital region and Turku. ”RekryKoulutus and apprenticeships are a genuinely flexible and quick way to change careers and get into work quickly, without lengthy training”, says head of training Toni Jokinen from TTS Työtehoseura.

We train people using modern equipment

TTS has renewed its fleet of educational vehicles and was the first educational institution to purchase an electric bus for educational use. Bus driver trainees will be able to get started with five new buses in addition to an electric bus. Nine lorries will be put into service in the spring to teach freight transport – ”We are moving to a more low-emission fleet. We want to train students with modern vehicles,” says Reijo Sippola, Head of the Transport Services Unit at Työtehoseura.   The purchase is part of a fleet renewal, which focuses on modern, environmentally friendly and sustainable educational vehicles.