TTS is the leading innovator of work in Finland

TTS (Työtehoseura) is an independent corporation which provides nationwide training and development services to the clients. The goal of our operation is to improve the economic efficiency and work safety.

TTS is one of the biggest and oldest private organizers of vocational education and we train approximately 8000 students a year for a variety of professional occupations. With almost 80 ongoing projects a year, we carry research and develop the efficiency of work methods, energy and eco-effectivity, -productivity, and functionality of equipment.


TTS brings education and research together

TTS offers vocational education for technical fields using modern equipment in diverse environment. After TTS training employment is strong as 70 per cent of our graduated students become employed or continue further with their studies. TTS is a unique educational and development organization as we also offer research and developing services for our clients.

 “Reliable and one of the best”

According to customer feedback, 95% were very pleased or pleased with our operations (source: Innolink Research).

Two out of three of our clients consider TTS the best or one of the best educational organizations in Finland.