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Bus Driver RekryKoulutus Nobina Oy in English


Do you want to study in English to become a bus driver and work in a well-paid customer service job?

We are looking for people interested in working as a bus driver for our English-language RekryKoulutus, in which we train new bus drivers for our depots in Helsinki (Roihupelto), Vantaa (Köysikuja) and Espoo (Klovi).


RekryKoulutus content and implementation:

· The training includes class D driver’s licence training, professional qualification in passenger transport, and other studies related to the work of a bus driver.
· Driving instruction and theory studies are carried out at the TTS training facility in Vantaa (90 days). Orientation and on-the-job training are carried out on Nobina’s routes in the capital region (30 days).
· Following training, the participant has the opportunity to work for Nobina.
· The training is free of charge for the participant (excluding official fees related to the training, totalling around €400).
· The student is not paid a salary during the RekryKoulutus training.
· The training is conducted in English, but Finnish language instruction is also included.

Toimiala: Kuljetusala
Koulutuksen ajankohta: You can apply for the training until 27.3.2024. · Preselection based on applications on 9.4.2024 · Interviews 17 - 18.4.2024 The training starts with an assessment stage 29.4. - 3.4.2024, for which 18 people will be chosen. Following the assessment stage, 12 people will continue with the RekryKoulutus 6.5 - 22.10.2024.
Ilmoittautuminen: 22.01.2024 - 27.03.2024
TE-palvelut linkki: https://koulutukset.te-palvelut.fi/kt/719074?searchPhrase=Ty%C3%B6tehoseura&&&announced=0&sort=1

Kustannukset opiskelijalle

· The training is free of charge for the participant (excluding official fees related to the training, totalling around €400).


Selection criteria:
· You are unemployed or under threat of unemployment (e.g. laid off or in temporary work)
· You are at least 23 years old
· You have a driving licence at class B or above
· You have a Finnish or an EU country driver's license
· The state of your health meets the criteria specified in the driver’s licence regulations
· You are willing to do customer service work and shift work

Please note that the application for training is binding and cannot be cancelled without a valid reason. By submitting an application for training, you commit to participating in the selection process for the training and to start the training, if selected. If you cancel the application, do not participate in the training selection process or do not start the training, the TE-office/municipal trial will determine your right to unemployment benefits (TTL 2 a chapter 9 § 7 a-7 b and 2 a chapter 10 §).

Koulutuksen yhteystiedot

Further information

Marko Koivumäki, TTS Työtehoseura, marko.koivumaki@tts.fi
Tony Stenberg, Nobina, tony.stenberg@nobina.fi, +35 84 071 76 875

During the training, you can be paid the same unemployment benefit (earning allowance/basic allowance/labour market support) to which you are entitled when you were unemployed. If you are not unemployed or under threat of unemployment (on leave or in part-time work), find out in advance which benefit you are entitled to receive during your training.

Information about workforce training and the financial benefits paid during the training can be obtained by phone from the EDUCATION AND TRAINING GUIDANCE
tel. 0295 020 702, Mon-Fri 9-16.15 or www.facebook.com/koulutusneuvonta or
from the website https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/info/valtakunnalliset-neuvontapalvelut/henkiloasiakkaan-neuvontapalvelut/koulutusneuvonta