TTS is the leading innovator of productivity in Finland

TTS provides research and development services for improving the productivity of your company. We develop the efficiency of time management, work processes, organization skills and working environments, which all have a significant effect on workplace productivity.

We plan the necessary measures individually for your company. Possible projects may vary from single measurements to comprehensive tracking and development of the entire production. As a result, we provide concrete solutions for productivity improvement.

Improve the productivity to enhance the profitability and well-being in your company.


Improving conditions of performance and efficiency


Research in productivity is the foundation of our operations. We provide suitable developing methods for numerous fields, from industrial- to office work. Our knowledge of working procedures and –environments is based on decades of experience.


Our key strengths at TTS:


  • Productivity
  • Working methods in agriculture and forestry
  • Forestry education
  • Functionality of housing
  • Testing and developing in logistics
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Company executive training and entrepreneurship


Our services include:


  • Research on working hours
  • Organization solutions
  • Comprehensive workplace assessments
  • Evaluations in ergonomics
  • Projects in entrepreneurship
  • Testing energy efficiency of equipment and machinery
  • Comparisons and cost calculations of work methods
  • Leadership training for companies
  • Research and development of forestry education