Here you will find TTS bulletins in the following order:

1. Agriculture bulletins
2. Forestry bulletins
3. Home economics bulletins


Number Title Authors Price,
574 Serious accidents at work on farms - causes and prevention Janne Karttunen 7,80

Number Title Authors Price,
573 Rural entrepreneurs as providers of green environmental care services Seppo Pentti 2,60
572 Manure spreading costs Reetta Palva – Mika Peltonen – Seppo Pentti 3,90
571 Grain-based concentrate feeding on cattle farms - technology and costs Reetta Palva - Lea Puumala 5,10
570 Computer programs for agriculture in year 2004 Kaija Laaksonen 5,10
568 Planininf the harvesting chain for silage - costs of the silage production chain and minimising bottlenecks Janne Karttunen - Mika Peltonen - Seppo Pentti 5,10
567 The amount of work required by and profitability of no-till technology Markku Lätti -
Mika Peltonen
565 Labour demand in the open field irrigation methods. Mika Peltonen – Elina Muuttomaa  
564 Manure spreading methods and labour consumption. Reetta Palva – Mika Peltonen – Seppo Pentti  

Number Title Authors Price,
563 Amount of work and functionally in automatic milking – how work changes with a milking robot. Janne Karttunen – Mika Hämäläinen  
561 Computer programs for agriculture in the year 2003. Kaija Laaksonen  
560 Labour consumption in silage harvesting – harvesting methods and functionally. Mika Peltonen – janne Karttunen – Seppo Pentti  
559 Work, work ability and leisure of Finnish dairy farmers. Janne Karttunen  
558 Cost calculations for agricultural machinery. Seppo Pentti  
557 Centralised grain drying – the industrial drier in southern ostrobothnia. Erkki Holkko – Reetta Palva  
556 Working norms in agriculture: Plant protection spraying. Seppo Pentti – Mika Peltonen  
555 Management practices for buffer zones. Reetta Palva  
554 Improving work methods and conditions in stanchion barns. Markku Lätti  
553 High-moisture barley for finishing pigs. Reetta Palva – Hilkka Siljander-Ras1 3,80
552 Agricultural standards: harvesting starch potato methods and functionally in harvesting Seppo Pentti – Mika Peltonen 5,00

Number Title Authors Price,
550 The effect of rational working methods on total working time on herringbone and auto-tandem milking parlours. Mika Peltonen – Janne Karttunen 7,00
548 Farmers’ experiences of direct drilling. Markku Lätti 4,80
547 The economy of new builds and renovation on dairy farms. Eerikki Kaila 4,80
546 The physical strain, occupational safety and profitability of different roughage distribution methods. Janne Karttunen 3,70
544 Cost calculations for agricultural machinery Kaija Laaksonen 4,80
543 Ensiling roller grain – work requirement and costs. Reetta Palva 4,80
542 Drying grain at high temperatures. Heidi Kemppainen – Anna-Maija Kirkkari 3,70

Number Title Authors Price,
540 Computer programs for agriculture in the year 2001. Kaija Laaksonen 7,40
539 An example of centralized grain drying – Botnia Grain. Reetta Palva - Kaija Laaksonen 2,19
538 Milk production of dairy cows in cold loose housing barns Janne Karttunen 4,37
537 Utilisation of sewage sludge in agriculture. Sirkka Malkki 3,36
536 Potable water in rural Finland. Kirsti Korkka-Niemi 3,36
534 The research of working time and working methods in a rationalized piggery. Heikki Parviainen 4,37
532 Whole crop harvested silage as roughage for cattle farms. Seppo Pentti 3,36
531 Tools for strawberry picking. Tiina Mattila 3,36
530 Working Conditions and the efficacy of fresh air filters in the tractor cabs. Mika Peltonen 6,39

Number Title Authors Price,
529 To increase work efficiency in greenhouse production. Elina Muuttomaa 3,36
528 Biowaste compost – a soil amendment in plan production. Tiina Tontti – Sirkka Malkki 3,36
527 Computer programs for agriculture year 2000. Esa Klemola 7,40
526 Work safety of release workers on farms – an analysis of a release-worker provision ring Pia Lahin – Kimmo Mäkelä 3,36
525 Caraway culture in the conditions of northern satakunta. Olavi Sanajoki 4,37
524 Drying of naked oats. Hannu Mikkola – Anna-Maija Kirkkari 2,19
523 Self-build in farm construction. Eerikki Kaila 3,36
522 Finnish cucumber even in wintertime. Elina Muuttomaa 2,19
521 The amount of work on expanding dairy farms Esa Klemola 2,19
520 Cost calculations for agricultural machinery Kaija Laaksonen 4,37
519 Production of farm wine – case study at the Lepaa winery Aarto Uurasjärvi 4,37
518 High-moisture barley for pigs and poultry Hilkka Siljander-Rasi, Jarmo Valaja - Seija Jaakkola - Sini Perttilä 3,36
517 The Akana screw screen for cleaning and sorting grain. Mika Peltonen 2,19


Number Title Authors Price,
695 Energy wood thinning is often profitable for forest owner Jani Heikkilä – Matti Sirén 2,80

Number Title Authors Price,
694 Heating entrepreneur activity in 2004 Ari Nikkola – Veli-Matti Alanen – Harri Solmio 2,70
693 Business co-operation in producing forestry services Arto Kettunen – Valtteri Markkula – Auvo Kaivola 2,70
692 Methods for wood pellet’s durability testing Seppo Tuomi 2,70
691 Family forestry is developed by Nordic countries Arto Kettunen – Aki Jouhiaho 2,70
690 Wood sector SMEs go international by networking Olli Salo 2,70
689 Private forest owners’ intention to sell wood during forest taxation transition Ritva Toivonen – Anna-Kaisa Rämö – Tapio Tilli – Karoliina Lindroos – Pekka Ripatti 2,70
688 The profitability of private forestry Esa Uotila 2,70
687 Demand and supply of wood fuels in the emission trade Tapio Ranta – Perttu Lahtinen – Juha Laitila 4,00
686 The economical succes factors of small sawmills. Riitta Backman – Pertti Hourunranta 2,70
685 Forestry bulletin readers questionnaire Pekka Ripatti 2,70
684 Availability and use of forest insurances Hanna Ruohola 2,70
683 Energy wood – delimbed or whole trees? Jani Heikkilä 2,70

Number Title Authors Price,
682 The integrated harvesting of delimbed industrial round wood and energy wood in thinnings Vesa Tanttu – Arto Mutikainen 2,60
681 The use of timber sales services offered to forest owners Hanna Ruohola 2,60
680 Forest management associations as information producers on private forest owners’ forest work Suvi Kauranen 2,60
679 Heating entrepreneur activity in 2003 Ari Nikkola – Harri Solmio 2,60
678 A silvicultural work instruction service for forest owners Arto Kettunen – Pirjo Kärki 2,60
677 The comparison of thinning methods in even aged stands Kari Mielikäinen – Jari Hynynen 2,60
676 The Saw-Knife for high pruning Arto Mutikainen – Aki Jouhiaho 2,60
675 Consumption of forest chips as an energy source as part of the national action plan for renewable energy Esa Ylitalo 2,60
674 Marketing forestry extension services for private forest owners Arto Kettunen -
Annika Palin-Ristimäki -
Kirsi Viik -
Outi Rauhala -
Kirsi-Marja Soininen
673 Simultaneous optimization of thinnings and clearcutting for even-aged conifer stands Kari Hyytiäinen 2,60
672 Revised requirements for forest certification completed Auvo Kaivola 2,60
671 Self-activity in nonindustrial private forestry Heimo Karppinen - Harri Hänninen - Reino Koho - Ville Ovaskainen 2,60

Number Title Authors Price,
670 Forest owners' timber sales satifaction Riku Pammo - Pekka Ripatti 2,50
669 Forest owner attitudes towards increasing energy wood recovery Vesa Tanttu - Matti Sirén - Anssi Ahtikoski 2,50
668 Heating entrepreneur activity in 2002 Ari Nikkola - Harri Solmio 2,50
667 Small-scale enterprises as users of special timber Pertti Hourunranta 2,50
666 The forest propety market and valuation in Finland and Sweden Simo Hannelius 2,50
665 Chip heating can increase the fire danger on farms Harri Solmio 2,50
664 Firewood production with the "Pätkä Rok" firewood bundle processing device Esko Oksanen 2,50
663 Forest owners as fuelwood sellers Pekka Ripatti 2,50
662 The chopped firewood trade in Finland Anne Seppänen - Kalle Kärhä 3,80
661 Strengthening advisory services for private forest owners Juha-Matti Pesonen 2,50
660 The productivity of sawing chopped firewood machines Kalle Kärhä - Aki Jouhiaho 2,50
659 Market survey of forest work tools and heating devices in the Internet pages Arto Mutikainen 2,50

Number Title Authors Price,
658 The present state of fuelwood use in detached houses in Finland Seppo Tuomi - Aarre Peltola 2,40
657 Energy from forest biomass Pentti Hakkila 2,40
656 Small enterprise wood procurement development in Häme Pertti Hourunranta - Arto Kettunen 2,40
655 The multiple tree processing Naarva-grip in energy wood harvesting Aki Jouhiaho - Kalle Kärhä - Salla Mattila - Arto Mutikainen 2,40
654 Forest certification requirements under revision in Finland Auvo Kaivola 2,40
653 The development needs of chip technology on Finnish farms Jari Valkonen 2,40
652 Present state of chip heating on Finnish farms Harri Solmio 2,40
651 Forest owners as users of forestry extension and forest management planning Harri Hännien - Jaana Uusipuro 2,40
650 Wood procurement and readiness for co-operation of small scale enterprises Sami Kankaanpää - Pertti Hourunranta 2,40
649 Firewood processing devices in Finland 2002 Kalle Kärhä - Arto Mutikainen 3,70
648 The Metsä-Myyrä and ATV quad in short hault timber extraction Kalle Kärhä - Esa Rönkkö 2,40
647 The suitability of wood pellets for small capacity stoker-fed burners Jyrki Kouki 2,40
646 Both tree age and growth rate affect fibre properties Pekka Saranpää 2,40
645 Light-weight hand tools in tending of seedling stands Kalle Kärhä - Esa Rönkkö 3,70
644 TTS Institute's department of forestry's first 60 years Jouko Mäkelä 3,70

Number Title Authors Price,
643 New agricultural-tractor-based forest-haulage unit for harvesting energy wood Harri Nätt - Arto Mutikainen 2,20
642 Pellet-fired burners in the heating of small residential buildinfs Jyrki Kouki - Kari Vuorio 2,20
642 Wood-harvesting costs incurred by heating-energy entrepreneurs Lassi Hurskainen - Kalle Kärhä 2,20
640 Productivity and felling costs when using thinning harvesters Kalle Kärhä - Seppo Ryynänen - Esa Rönkkö 3,40
639 Properties of wood pellets made in Finland Seppo Tuomi 2,20
638 On the effects of advance clearing of undergrowth when apllying mechanised thinning Mika Tahvanainen 2,20
637 Prospects for using harvester-forwarders Kaarlo Rieppo - Peter Pekkola 2,20
636 Development needs of small-scale forestry from the viewpoint of wood harvesting in Europe Liisa Lahdensaari - Jari Valkonen 2,20
635 Labour force and harvesting methods in delivery sales by Finnish NIPF landowners Arto Kettunen - Aki Hämäläinen 2,20
634 Timber sales services of local forest management associations in Finland Kalle Kärhä - Jukka Aarnio 2,20
633 Small one-grip harvesters and a harvester-forwarder in first thinning of pine bog Matti Sirén - Vesa Tanttu 2,20
632 Pellet-fired hearths for heating detached houses and summer cottages Kai Waldén - Jyrki Kouki - Kari Vuorio 3,40
631 Present state and potential of heating entrepreneurship Harri Solmio 2,20
630 Procurement of joinery timber Pertti Hourunranta - Arto Kettunen 2,20
629 The use of forest chips in Finland Pentti Hakkila 2,20

Number Title Authors Price,
628 Productivity and logging trace of thinnings harvesters Seppo Ryynänen - Esa Rönkkö - Matti Sirén


627 Use of ash in the fertilisation of peatland forests Mikko Moilanen - Antti Korpilahti 2,20
626 Problems in forestry work ergonomics and work safety Hannu Tapola 2,20
625 A development project on wood-based energy in Otepää, Estonia Harri Nätt - Jussi Viisteensaari 2,20
624 Agricultural-tractor-based chain in harvesting thinnings wood Seppo Ryynänen - Esa Rönkkö 3,40
623 Development of wood procurement in small woodworking enterprises Arto Kettunen 2,20
622 Producing joinery timber at small-scale sawmills Sami Krekula - Pertti Hourunranta 2,20
621 Public subsidies in promoting the tending of young stands Jukka Torvelainen - Pekka Ripatti 2,20
620 Success factors of service enterprises in forestry Kalle Kärhä 2,20
619 Burning sorted waste in household fireplaces Kai Waldén - Irene Roos 2,20
618 Co-operatives as heating entrepreneurs Martti Honkasalo 2,20
617 Heating with wooden pellets Seppo Tuomi 2,20
616 Frame-steered tractor-based harvesters in thinning Juha-Pekka Mäki 2,20
615 Current situation of forest certification in Finland Auvo Kaivola 2,20
614 Horse loggers in Finland Kimmo af Ursin 2,20

Number Title Authors Price,
613 Wood as a source of renewable energy Pentti Hakkila 2,20
612 Chip-based heating-energy entrepreneur project of central Finland Jouko Pekkanen 2,20
611 The current situation regarding the production and use of pelletised wood in Finland Erkki Eilavaara 2,20
610 The forest department as a part of 75 years old TTS Institute Jouko Mäkelä 2,20
609 Forestry-service entrepreneurs as producers of services Arto Koistinen 2,20
608 Long-distance timber transportation in 1990-98 Jouni Väkevä 2,20
607 The tending-of-young-stands campaign: the first year's experiences Kari Mielikäinen 2,20
606 Vocational qualification of forestry entrepreneur Aapo Koukku 2,20
605 Bioenergy research programme results on the harvesting of energy wood Seppo Ryynänen 2,20
604 Self-reliant wood harvesting by forest owners Jouko Mäkelä 3,40
603 Environmental know-how of forestry entrepreneurs Jukka Hyytiäinen 2,20
602 New trailer for agricultural tractors for forest haulage for energy wood and pulpwood Arto Mutikainen 2,20
601 North-Karelian forest owners' attitude to nature-emulating forestry work methods Aki Jouhiaho 2,20
600 Finland's new local forest management associations act Pentti Lähteenoja 2,20
599 Working party's proposals on the development of forest ownerrs' selfreliance and entrepreneurship in Finland Auvo Kaivola 2,20

Number Title Authors Price,
598 TTS-Polttopuu -cost calculation model for fuelwood Harri Nätt - Seppo Ryynänen 2,00
597 Development of heating entrepreurship Harri Solmio 2,00
596 Municipalities' experiences with heating entrepreneurship Antti-Pekka Jylhä


595 Forest haulage of longwood and small-diameter whole trees using an agricultural tractor Markku Ihonen 2,00
594 Harvesting logging residues using an agricultural tractor Seppo Ryynänen 2,00
593 On the fuelwood properties of logging residue Juha Nurmi 2,00
592 The costs and profitability of heat-energy entrepreneurship Harri Solmio 3,00
591 On the profitability of non-industrial, private forestry Esa Uotila 2,00
590 The firewood market situation of single-family houses in the capital city area Hanna Luoma 2,00
589 Quality requirement for chopped firewood in Finland Seppo Tuomi 2,00
588 Innovative wedge axe in making split firewood Arto Mutikainen 2,00
587 AM-240 -single grip cutting device in cutting of pulp wood and fuelwood Markku Ihonen 2,00
586 Small-scale sawmilling entrepreneurs' attitude to business economics Jari Valkonen 2,00
585 On the subject of making timber sales at delivered price to decline with the requirements of wood processing Arto Rummukainen - Jukka Aarnio 2,00
584 Tractor-mounted chain delimber in the production of fuelwood longwood
Kari Mattila 2,00


Number Title Authors Price,
593 The performance and user safety of dishwashers Arja Rytkönen -
Anneli Reisbacka -
Sari Liski-Markkanen -
Sisko Kopponen
592 Comparative study of 6 chest freezers Tarja Marjomaa 3,90
591 Functional kitchen Anne Malin 8,60

Number Title Authors Price,
590 Comparative study on detergents Anneli Reisbacka 3,80
589 Common laundry rooms Anneli Reisbacka & Anne Malin 5,00
588 Care and use of home appliances Tarja Marjomaa 8,30
586 Comparative test of composters for family use Anne Korhonen 5,00
585 Comparative study of coffee makers Anneli Reisbacka & Raili Alkula 3,80
583 The waste sorting systems Anne Korhonen, Sari Liski-Markkanen & Irene Roos 3,80
581 Comparative test of dishwasher detergents Arja Rytkönen 2,50

Number Title Authors Price,
576 Comparative test of the all purpose cleaners Arja Rytkönen 2,40
572 Habitable housing – everyday life as a basis for planning Anne Malin & Irmeli Pehkonen 3,70
571 Comparative study of big (60 cm) dishwashing machines Arja Rytkönen, Sirpa Ilkka & Anneli Reisbacka 8,00

Number Title Authors Price,
570 Washing and textile care rooms in a dwelling Anne Malin & Irmeli Pehkonen  
569a Comparison of professional refrigerators and freezers, Vergleichsstudie uber kuhl- und gefrierschränke fur grosskuchen Tarja Marjomaa Anneli Reisbacka  
568 Comparative study of 6 electric cookers with ceramic hob Anne Korhonen  
567 Surface temperatures of electrical cookers Anne Korhonen, Arja Rytkönen & Liisa Sillanpää  
566 The choice of the cooker Anne Korhonen & Tarja Marjomaa  
565 Comparative study of induction hobs Tarja Marjomaa  
563 Comparison study of washing machines with drying function includes Anneli Reisbacka  
561 Comparative study of washing machines Anneli Reisbacka  

Number Title Authors Price,
560 A comparative study on detergents Anneli Reisbacka  
559 Helkama Avalon JV 2057 refrigerator with cellar compartment, Helkama Avalon JP 2087 refrigerator-freezer Tarja Marjomaa  
556 Built-in ovens UPO Vision Spectra W8000 and S8400 Anne Korhonen  
555 The functional farm dwelling Irmeli Pehkonen  
552 Upo compact washing machines Anneli Reisbacka & Sisko Kopponen  
551 Habitable housing – Everyday life as a basis for planning Anne Malin & Irmeli Pehkonen  

Number Title Authors Price,
550 Residents’ experiences of using a dual water system Anneli Reisbacka & Saila Kallioinen  
549 Comparative study of tumble dryers Anneli Reisbacka  
547 Cleaning efficiency and handling properties of washing-up liquids Anne Korhonen  
546 Kitchen spatial planning, appliances, and fittings Irmeli Pehkonen  
544 Comparative study of dishwashing machines Arja Rytkönen  
542 The waste sorting systems Irene Roos  
541 The development of the operational safety of household appliances Anneli Reisbacka & Arja Rytkönen  


Number Title Authors Price,
540 Thermal comfort in the dishwashing department Marja Pääkkönen  
539 Specially -equipped kitchen solutions for elderly and disables persons Anne Malin  
537 Storage facilities in dwellings Anne Malin & Sari Liski.Markkanen  
533 The choice of the cooker Anne Korhonen & Tarja Marjomaa  
532 Comparative study of electric cookers – built-in cookers Anne Korhonen  
531 Comparative study of electric cookers – floor-standing cookers Anne Korhonen & Liisa Sillanpää  

Number Title Authors Price,
529 Safety and safety device of electric cookers Anne Korhonen  
528 Comparative study of 15 washing machines Anneli Reisbacka  
524 Dishwashers detergents and their use Arja Rytkönen, Sari Liski-Markkanen & Anneli Reisbacka  
521 Small-scale rural bakery for business Raili Alkula etc.  

Number Title Authors Price,
517 Comparative study of 15 washing machines Anneli Reisbacka  
516 Preparation of the “living food” diet at home Anne Korhonen & Hilkka Janhonen  
514 Sorting of household refuse and the required equipment Irene Roos  
511 Care and use of home appliances Tarja Marjomaa  
510 Comparative study of 13 standard cookers Liisa Sillanpää & Anne Korhonen  

Number Title Authors Price,
503 Sorting of household refuse and the required equipment Irene Roos  
502 Comparative study of the refrigerator-freezers Tarja Marjomaa & Anneli Reisbacka  

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