Tarmo Luoma, Editor
Anna-Maija Kirkkari, issues on agriculture
Anna-Maija Kirkkari, issues on forestry
Kaija Laaksonen, sub-editor

TEHO is a trade magazine for agriculture, forestry and home economics.

TEHO gives information on the latest objective research produced by the different departments of TTS Institute in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and home economics in a form that is accessible to a wide readership. The magazine has an average of 40 pages per issue. The magazine is in Finnish, but includes English-language summaries.

The magazine serves those working in agriculture and forestry, advising private organisations, consumer advice bodies, and research and educational institutions. The TEHO issues on home economics are targeted at all Finnish households.

Each TEHO issue is dedicated to agriculture, forestry or home economics. The topics in agriculture and forestry issues include the use of new technology in agriculture and forestry, machinery and working methods, independent initiative at work, the potential uses of domestic energy sources, safety at work, ergonomics, and environmental care.

The home economics issues cover the different aspects of rural and urban households, such as the feasibility of buildings, the organisation of housework and domestic appliances, as well as topics relevant to institutional households. In addition, these issues include summaries of usability tests on domestic appliances run by the Department of Home Economics.

The magazine has been published since 1946. It is a member of the Finnish Periodical Publishers’ Association.

TEHO magazine is published by The TTS Institute, which is a research, development, and training institute for agriculture, forestry, home economics, and other related fields. The TTS Institute also has its own Adult Vocational Education Centre and Lönnrot Vocational School for tourism, catering, and home economics

An annual subscription to TEHO for 2008 is € 44 (six issues). A standing subscription is € 43 per year. The two home economics issues (TEHO B) can be ordered separately for € 15,00 per year (€ 14,50 for a standing subscription).

TEHO is also the membership magazine for the TTS Institute, included in the annual membership fee. The membership fee for 2008 is € 43.


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